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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
Carl Sagan

Have a possible paranormal photo you would like to share?
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Real Ghosts? Angels? Dust? Reflections?

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Ghost in My Woods?
Submitted by GrayReb, Wilmington, DE

Apparition or my imagination?
I've asked some others for their opinion, but they don't / can't see what I think I see.
Another motion-activated camera capture.


 Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs, AR
Submitted by Sheri Uher

Taken on 5/18/07, at 10:30 pm
An orb appears outside of Michaels Room.


Submitted by GrayReb, Wilmington, DE

Golden Orb in the yard;
taken at random at nightfall with a Sony Digital Cybershot, clear, dry and still weather-wise.

Defined orb near statue;
same conditions as previous pic.



Tombstone. ???
I can assure you there is NO tombstone anywhere on or near my property, yet this photo of part of one showed up during daylight hours.
Same camera, clear and dry conditions.
We haven't had rain in Delaware for quite some time.
Still trying to figure out where the old fashioned style tombstone came from and why it's in the photo.
Harbinger of doom, perhaps?


Haunted Yard?
Submitted by GrayReb, Wilmington, DE

Seems I'm getting a lot of these lately, and wondering if my property itself is haunted.
All three photos were captured by a motion-activated outdoor camera that I've attached to a pole, and all three were in daylight hours. You may have to zoom in to see details, but the photo of the person leaning against the tree is particularly strange, but I won't divulge what I see ... I'll leave that to the experts.

 Gettysburg at Devil's Den
Submitted by GrayReb, Wilmington, DE

  It was about 11:00am on 9/02 and I snapped the photo from inside my van after we had stopped to take pictures of these boulders. 
I didn't notice anything unusual until I got home and transferred them to my pc. 

Crescent Hotel
Submitted by Leslie Wilson

This photo was taken in front of the Crescent Hotel after a carriage ride.
Spooky night!  Who or what is that above/behind my daughter??!!


The Palace at Versailles
(Château de Versailles in Versailles, France)
Submitted by Angela Lowe

Full Body Apparition
Submitted by May DuVall
Full Body.jpg (63730 bytes)


Mansfield Prison in Ohio
Submitted by Elizabeth Thornhill


Lamar House
Submitted by J.M.

Two photos taken recently at the Lamar House seem to indicate that the spirits are still active.

Cabin listing 046.jpg (58994 bytes)
Is that a figure standing by the window?


Cabin listing 040.jpg (58010 bytes)
Notice the orb by the fireplace.


Carrie Baby Shower.jpg (33347 bytes)
Orbs at a Baby Shower
Submitted by Steven

Three orbs, one very bright, seem to follow a young lady at a baby shower.


Ghostly Photos
Submitted by Philip Holthoff

HWY365.jpg (105713 bytes)
This photo taken by Highway 365 shows a ghost-like image that was not visible to the naked eye.


LRGraveyard.jpg (47466 bytes)
Orbs at a Little Rock Cemetery.


Crescent1.jpg (36971 bytes)
Do you see a bandaged hand coming out of the wall?


Crescent2.jpg (44296 bytes)
A little boy watches from behind a closed door at the end of the hall.


Fair.JPG (67829 bytes)
Orbs in the Auditorium
Submitted by Alicia Troutman

Orbs surround the choir at J.A. Fair High School in Little Rock.


secrets.jpg (384791 bytes)
Telling Secrets at the Crescent
Submitted by Lisa Rogers

My husband and I were attending the ghost seminar at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.  While we were on tour we were told that a little boy was with us. Look closely at this picture by my husbands left ear you can see the outline of a child's head. It appears to be whispering to my husband. 


241848-R1-01-00A.JPG (93243 bytes)
Tales of the Crypt at Mount Holly Cemetery
Submitted by Leslie Wilson

I can't put into words how it felt there that night. There is an orb in front of a tall monument toward the left/center of the photo. It's so bright, you can't miss it.  I felt so much energy that night.  I also saw things up in the trees and on the lawn. It's like the cemetery was 'alive with spirits" to speak.


Wyndham Riverfront Hotel
Submitted by Shannon
100_0090.jpg (1308112 bytes)100_0091.jpg (1314188 bytes)


Taken on New Years Eve with a Kodak EasyShare C340 digital camera.

100_3962.JPG (738218 bytes)
Pioneer Cemetery at Washington, Arkansas
Submitted by Darice Nations


Crescent Hotel
Submitted by Amber Hayes

A 15 year old girl took this on in the 3rd floor hallway at the Crescent Hotel, following the ghost tour.
Can you see the woman walking through the wall?

Pic06852.JPG (105964 bytes)

This is the original photograph.
Notice the orb on the wall.

Pic06852-cropped.jpg (39578 bytes)

A close-up of the end of the hallway.
 Notice the woman on the right.



C pic, orb in motion,cave.jpg (45985 bytes)

Hurricane River Cave
Submitted by Leslie Wilson

Photo taken with 35 mm camera.
Leslie says there was definitely activity here.

Vergennes, Illinois
Submitted by Loretta Marsh

The Cemetery is adjacent to the farm my family owns.
I used a Kodak  Easyshare Digital Model CX4230.
It was taken on the evening  of June 24th probably about 8:30PM.

Cemetery2.jpg (121766 bytes)

Cemetery.jpg (198655 bytes)


Gettysburg Battlefield
Submitted by Tony Harrington

cemetery hill day.jpg (168375 bytes)

cemetery hill night orb.jpg (19434 bytes)

Jennie Wade Home
Submitted by Tony Harrington

jennie wade external.jpg (172300 bytes) wade room 2.jpg (108287 bytes)
wade room.jpg (140622 bytes)

Galloway Hall
Hendrix University
Submitted by Carol Gravely

"I am a former resident of Galloway Hall.
This particular dormitory has a legend around it regarding the 'Galloway Virgin,' although I have yet to hear any sort of conclusive
story as to who she is.  The most common theme appears to be suicide. Everyone seems to agree, though, that she resides in the attic."
Taken with a Sony Cyber-Shot digital, 3.2 Mega-Pixels, model number DSC-P52

Ghostl1.jpg (28706 bytes)

Ghostl2.jpg (30003 bytes)

warship.jpg (241835 bytes)
USS Constellation
Submitted by Tony Harrington


Fort Washita
Submitted by Joseph Patman.

A mysterious orb floats around his son, Ian, 
as he stands by a Civil War Cannon.

wpe20.jpg (25254 bytes)
West Baseline Cemetery

An orb hovers in a tree overlooking a local cemetery. This one proved to be a little too scary for a Pulaski County Sheriff Deputy.

wpe12.jpg (27409 bytes)
Perfect night for a visit to the local cemetery.

The orb in motion at the top of the monument indicates spirit activity.


Blanchard Springs Caverns
ubmitted by Shannon Hudson.

Two orbs can be clearly seen.
"We used an Olympus Camedia D-380 Digital Camera.
We took around 12-20 pictures.
It was on 9-24-2003 around 3:00pm."


wpeC.jpg (12105 bytes) wpe12.jpg (12055 bytes)

wpe1.jpg (155621 bytes)

Capital Hotel (Built in 1876) Little Rock, AR    

While attending the wedding of my sister-in-law a few years ago I took some pictures of the event and surrounding areas. I was using a Pentax 35mm camera with 400 speed film. I have posted a negative and a positive of the same picture so that the orb on the stairway may be more visible. The wedding took place in a post Civil War hotel located Markham Street in downtown Little Rock. 


Ghostl3.jpg (12509 bytes) 
Local Hospital (Built in 1953)
Little Rock, AR

This photo is a pre-construction photo taken in one of the many buildings located on site. I was documenting existing conditions of an area to be renovated. While looking through the photos I noticed this picture with an unusual orb on the door. The orb is between the door and the handle. I shot this picture with a Sony digital Mavica camera.




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