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 Arlie Mucks is a private bar located in the old section of Fort Smith, Arkansas. It is not far from Hanging Judge Parker's courthouse. It was built in the late 19th century. Not much is known about what uses the building has known over the years but one thing we do know is that at one time it was used as a make-shift morgue when twin tornadoes ripped through the town killing several townspeople. Today, it is a quiet, attractive watering hole used by local business men to unwind after a hard days work.  

Final Report


I asked the same question. Arlie Muck apparently was a character in the Huckleberry Finn novel.
Picture by AL

A small orb in motion can be seen in the upper center part of this picture.
Picture by WH

This is a picture of a very large orb.
Picture by WH

In this picture there is another orb in motion; It is located in the lower part by the chair.
Picture by MM

Although there are several orbs in this photo the only one noteworthy is the one on the left side near the center. It shows a change in direction.
Picture by MM

Another orb in motion. See it at the bottom of the picture?
Picture by MM

This one is hard to see. It is located by the doll on the right side at the bottom. It too is in motion.
Picture by TG

This picture has two orbs that are in motion. They are going in different directions.
Picture by AL

This is the ashtray that moved twice.
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