Final Report


Investigation Number   06302007

Arlie Mucks Bar
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Number of 35mm picture taken: 0

Number of digital photos taken: 340

Minutes of Audio used: 12

Minutes of Video taken: 60

Number of Positive Photos: 6

Number of False Positive Photos: 12

Number of EVP recorded:  0

Phenomena captured on film: Numerous orbs were captured on all of the types on media used to gather evidence. Some of the orbs were interesting in that they were showing motion. For an orb to be noticed my SPIRIT Seekers it has to pass three tests. It has to be round, it has to show movement and it has to be dense and appear to emit a light of its own. By meeting these three points it is thought to have intelligence.

Summation:  We entered the building at 10:00 am. This was a daytime investigation. There were 7 Spirit Seekers investigators present for the investigation. We divided in to two teams consisting of three investigators on each one with me acting as the resource manager. Floor assignments were made and each team was told they would be changing floors every 30 minutes. Melisa and May were allowed to enter the building first. They were the team psychics for this project. Neither of the psychics made contact on this venture. There were several paranormal incidents that happened during this short investigation.  Every team had something paranormal happen to a team member.

The pictures we took were for the most part contaminated due the abnormal amount of dust. We did manage to make some very interesting captures. The best picture was taken from the balcony by investigator Alan. This photo clearly shows two orbs in motion. The two orbs appear to be moving in different directions. There are other orbs in the picture but they are motionless. Another good photo was taken in the attic storage space by investigator Melisa. This photo shows an orb as it changes direction. It is also captured with several others that are showing no motion.

The back area of the bar caught the attention of investigator May. As she walked by the bar an ashtray moved toward her. She did not capture this event on film but before she could move the same ashtray moved closer to her. With camera at the ready the ashtray stopped moving. In the same area investigator Teri attempted to catch some EVP evidence. She was successful as she sat quietly by the back door asking questions.

Conclusion: Is Arley Mucks Bar in Fort Smith, Arkansas haunted? We have a grading system that helps us to answer such questions. We graded Arlie Mucks as follows; Scientific evidence on a scale of 0 50 we gave it a 35, Sensory evidence on a scale of 0 25 we gave it a 15 and extra sensory evidence on a scale of 0 25 we gave it a 13 for a grand total of 63.  So is Arlie Mucks haunted, maybe. It definitely has some sort of paranormal activity happening in the dark recesses of the building.

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bulletAt approximately 10:20 am Investigator Alan sees what appeared to be the figure of a person walk by headed in the direction of the back door.
bulletAround 10:40 am Investigator May feels something pull her hair.
bulletAround 11:15 am Investigator May hears the ashtray slide down the bar.
bulletAt approximately 11:30 am Investigator May hears the ashtray move again.
bulletThe investigation ended around Noon and we left the building as we found it.

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