Final Report


Final Report Investigation Number 03042006

The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History
Little Rock, Arkansas

Number of 35mm picture taken: 0

Number of digital photos taken: 701

Minutes of Audio used: 18

Minutes of Video taken: 120 minutes

Number of False Positives Photos: 57

Number of Positive Photos: 5

Number of EVP recorded: 2

Phenomena captured on film: Orbs in motion, orbs at rest and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). The orbs captured were mostly bright and well formed in nature. Most of the phenomena gathered were on the first floor and in the basement. The one orb filmed on video was in the workroom of the basement. The EVP was gathered in the top room of the tower.

Summation: There were ten of us on this investigation. The last time we were here, we were accompanied by a reporter and cameraman from channel 4 news. This did not allow for the best investigative environment so we were allowed to return. 

I split the group into 5 pairs and made assignments. I began, as always, by letting the team psychic go out ahead of all the others to get a feel for things. Soon after the investigation had started, investigator Larry reported that he heard piano music. He was on the second floor in the east room. As it turns out there is a piano in that room. When leaving the room he smelled roses and shortly after that his partner smelled the same thing. We checked the area and found no sign of flowers in the building. Later that evening, I had two more reports of the smell of flowers in what we were calling the piano room.

Investigator Melissa made contact with a spirit that said her name was Katherine and she wanted to be very clear that it was spelled with a K. 

Later that evening, the psychic reported that there was a spirit named Katie in the piano room. She also made contact with a male spirit that said he was not normally in that building but wanted to see what we were up to. Investigator Melissa felt a male presence in the room where the jeep is located.

The pictures taken in the museum indicate that there are spirits present in the building. The pictures taken outside indicate that the presence of spirits may be stronger there than inside. It was outside that we gat a picture of ectoplasm forming by a tree. 

On the inside the best evidence was the sound of music, the smell of flowers and the psychic contact. However, we did get one picture that shows some activity that we can not explain. It was taken in the piano room in the direction of one of the windows. There is a bright spot covering the glass and wood portion of the window. It is not a reflection as can be determined by the angle of the picture and the shape of the anomaly. There were outside lights, but because of the shape and the fact that it covers inside parts of the window we feel that it is not a night watcher light. We feel that it may be a spirit caught by the camera moving by a window.

Conclusion: The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History is haunted.

Investigators signature:


8:45 pm Investigator Larry hears piano music.


8:50 pm Investigator Larry smells roses as he leaves the piano room.


8:52 pm Investigator Susan smells roses as she leaves the piano room.


9:20 pm Investigator Alan smells flowers as he enters the piano room.


10:30 pm Investigator Vicki smells flowers while walking through the piano room.


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