Final Report


Investigation Number 03292008

TB Sanatorium Booneville, Arkansas

Number of 35mm picture taken: 0

Number of digital photos taken: 2034

Minutes of Audio used: 128

Minutes of Video taken: 360 minutes

Number of Positive Photos: 8 digital

Number of EVP recorded: 8

Phenomena captured on film: This investigation was much like the others in that we were not disappointed. The night started with a tour of the building for twenty locals. They also had encounters with the spirits at the sanatorium. There were a couple of luck locals that left the building before the tour was complete stating that they would never come back again. On this trip we captured some different phenomenon than on previous trips. We did capture the usual orbs and shadow people. We had the same encounters in different places. The hot spot on this trip was on the fifth floor. 

Summation: We had a very large group of investigators due to the size of the building. There were 22 investigators on this investigation. We divided the group into four teams of five each and posted them on different floors. Each team had a team leader, a psychic, seasoned investigators and a trainee. Jason and I walked the whole building checking on all of the groups. We started our investigation at 9 pm. Around 11 pm a thunderstorm moved into the area. Each group was moved after an hour so that we all had the opportunity to see the hot spots. Every floor had activity on it and every person had an experience or two before eth night was over. The group started thinning around 1 am and by 3 am there were only four investigators remaining. That is when the activity really picked up and the thunder storm had cleared out of the area. We saw and heard more after 3am than we had heard or saw all night. I think the combination of the storm and the number of living people in the hunt may have caused them to hide. When the storm had cleared and the numbers of the living were down the spirits appeared to come out to see if the coast was clear. This year we decided to do some experiments with the dousing rods. We used the rods to make contact then I was to hold the rods while someone else ask the questions. To avoid any input from me I was blindfolded and had ear plugs. The test was not conclusive but it did some that even though I was not able to see or hear the rods still responded to the questions.

Conclusion: Supernatural activity is not centered in any one floor or room but rather dispersed throughout the whole building. We at Spirit Seekers believe this to be a true assessment of the haunting at the Booneville Sanatorium. Is the Sanatorium in Booneville, Arkansas haunted? We have a grading system that helps us to answer such questions. We graded the evidence as follows; scientific evidence is photos, video, EMF readings, Temperature readings and EVP. On a scale of 0 50 we gave the scientific evidence gathered a 35. The evidence was there and it was fairly strong. Sensory evidence is that of the human five senses and on a scale of 0 25 we gave the sensory evidence a 20. The extra sensory evidence is the feelings of the psychic and sensitive. On a scale of 0 25 we gave the extra sensory evidence a 15. The spirit sensitives had very similar mental images as they went through the building but they were not very strong ones. The grand total for this project is 70. The grading system of all evidence gathered tells us that there is a strong possibility that there is paranormal activity happening in the dark recesses of the Sanatorium in Booneville, Arkansas.                                                                                                 

Investigators signature:    

        3:30 pm During our pre investigation walk through Investigator Jason hears what sounds like furniture being drug across the floor.

        5:25 pm Investigator Cindy sees the image of a nurse seen walking in 1st floor hall.

        7 pm Investigator Louis touched on the neck on the 4th floor.

        9 pm Investigator Phillip sees the shadow of a man on the 3rd floor.

        9:38 pm Investigator Christina touched on the hand on the 3rd floor.

        9:50 pm Investigator Jason sees a shadow person on the 1st floor.

        10:04 pm team C hears hard breathing on the 2nd floor.

        10:05 pm Investigator Jason sees another shadow person on the 3rd floor.

        10:29 pm Investigator May sees children playing in the hall on the 3rd floor.

        10:41 Investigator Louis sees a shadow in the window on the 2nd floor.

        11 pm C Investigator had sees a shadow about 4 feet tall cross the hall on the 5th floor.

        12:02 am Investigator Brian hears the voice of a child on the 4th floor.

        2:43am Investigator David sees a shadow moving across the window on the 3rd floor.

        3:30 am Investigator Alan hears what sounds like someone following him on the 3rd floor.

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