Spirit Seekers are featured in an episode of
"A Haunting" on The Discovery Channel.

The episode premiered on September 21, 2007,
and focused on a cleansing performed at a private residence.

The Studio sent a crew to Roland, Arkansas to interview Violet
in December, 2006.

In January, 2007, Angela & Alan flew to New Dominion Studios
in  Suffolk, Virginia, for the filming.

The episode, titled "Where Evil Lurks", premiered on
September 21, 2007.

Where Evil Lurks

Home. It should be a haven of solace-a refuge from outside ills. But what happens when a paranormal terror encroaches and home turns into a prison?

Soon after the Shea family moves into an old home in Arkansas, eerie noises and ghostly voices puncture the quiet country night. The Sheas learn that a young boy died in the house. They attribute the playful paranormal activity to his ghost. But their relief quickly gives way to chilling terror as a darker threat emerges, intent on harming their family. When one of their children suffers a devastating injury, the Sheas can't take the chance that the evil presence may be to blame.

Fearing for their children's safety, the Sheas turn to psychic mediums who will face their own terrifying experience as they try to battle the evil that lurks inside.

The crew as seen by Violet during her interview.

Violet Interview.jpg (164452 bytes)
The Director  interviews Violet regarding the cleansing. 

Angie Interview.jpg (170073 bytes)
Angela meets with Producers in preparation for her interview at New Dominion Studios.

Alan at Studio.jpg (135319 bytes)
Alan at New Dominion Studios in Suffolk, Virginia.


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